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Inside the Examples folder there is a map called ControlPointExampleMap that contains many different example setups. You're welcome to use these in your own game, or just reference them as you make your own.

The simplest control point is BP_BasicControlPoint, and it is ready to be dropped in your game. Simply add GameplayTags, ActorInstances, or Classes to both teams for each point and you're ready to go.

The UI folder also contains many examples of how to create UI that responds to control point states, but these UIs are pretty ugly, and meant only as an example for integrating control points into your own UI.

Quick Setup

To create a control point from scratch, you should

  1. Create a Child blueprint of BP_ControlPointBase
  2. Add geometry to the CaptureGeometry scene.
  3. Create the appropriate number of teams and assign team colors.
  4. Choose which method you want to use for assigning teams members (you can also mix and match):
    • Actor instances is the simplest, simply add your actors to this array and they are on the team.
    • A GameplayTag can be used for each team, and then simply assigned to all actors of that team.
    • You can also assign a class type for each team. This is helpful if you already have different pawn types for each team.
    • You can also override the team adding function and assign teams programatically.
  5. If you want your capture volume geometry to be team colored, assign their material instances to the Team Color Material Parameters
  6. Place instances of your control points in a map.